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We’re just 2-3 weeks away from meeting Baby A2, so there’s no better time to share pictures of his little abode! I went with a feathers & woodland theme. Feathers because I want to give this boy wings! I came across a lovely quote, which you’ll see below, which inspired the feathers/flying theme. Then I found a few bear heads that I loved and repurposed, since I love teddy bears and camping and wish I could add stuffed animals to my own bedroom walls. 😉

I found the mounted bear and the smaller moose and deer among the Christmas ornaments at Target. They were wearing red scarves, so I gave them new bow-ties to fit in year-round. Here’s a closer look at the little deer. (FYI This is a formal nursery…bow-ties required!) 

I also found this “Welcome” banner in the dollar bin section at Target. Once he arrives, I’ll hang this on the wall, remove the felt letters and spell his name instead. Oh, and I sewed up this crib sheet using these steps. I love being able to choose the exact fabric/color/design I want for sheets! 

The fella below is another Target find. I love him a little too much, I think. I made his crown from a sheet of sparkly foam from JoAnn Fabrics. 

This was Brady’s glider, but he got a big new rocking chair in his room that fits all three of us. It’s perfect for family storytime, although it is getting a liiiiitle tight at 36 weeks pregnant. TBD whether it will fit all four of us (okay “four of us” still sounds crazy to me! Gah!) 

I saw this quote and loved it for this baby. I asked a talented friend with an awesome Etsy shop to write it on a canvas, and she did such a beautiful job. If you’re looking for someone to create beautiful lettering art, check out Kate’s shop! I framed the canvas with an empty 12×16 frame that I had lying around. I think a wooden/driftwood frame would look nice, too, but I was trying to be resourceful with what I had. 

I had an idea for a feather mobile, so I bought some white feathers and a small wooden wreath from Hobby Lobby. I painted the feathers with gold acrylic paint and hung them with gold string. Easy and cheap project! 

Here is the very exciting changing table portion of the room. 🙂 This changing table was actually made by my grandfather and used when I was a baby! I sanded and repainted it a few months ago (because no pregnancy is complete without a sanding/painting project – check here for instructions for how I renovate furniture), then had new shelf inserts cut at Lowe’s to make it safe and sturdy. It was hard to find a changing pad with the right dimensions to match a homemade dresser. Thankfully, there is nothing that Amazon does not sell! I found a bassinet mattress on Amazon that works perfectly and sewed a changing pad cover for it. Also found the bear and gold-dotted bins at Target. #yesihaveaproblem

(Changing table before & after)

I made this little banner from some fabric I had. I cut uniform pieces with fabric scissors and tied them onto a big rope. Another easy and cheap project. I love these for all of the obvious reasons, but also because I won’t be heartbroken when he grows up and wants to replace it with a gaudy Spiderman poster. 🙂 Easy come, easy go. 

I wised up on baby #2 and added a mechanism to hang clothes above the changing table. Of course he may try to pull it down every chance he gets, but I’m hoping it will save me from the pile-up of clothes that lives next to Brady’s changing table. 

Impulse buy, but it matched the baby’s nursery theme AND colors. How could I leave it behind? Also a JoAnn’s purchase. 

And the cutest little drawer pull that matches the gold-tipped feathers in the mobile and on the gallery wall above the crib. I can say with 100% certainty that I’m the only one that will notice this drawer handle, but that’s okay. It’s the little things! 

Last but not least, my favorite part of the nursery…this little guy loving on his baby doll! Brady hangs out in the nursery all the time to rock his doll in the Rock ‘n Play. How cute is he standing on his tippy toes to give the baby a kiss?! I don’t know how my heart will possibly handle him kissing the real baby. 😝

That’s it! Thanks for touring our little space. And thanks to Target, JoAnns and Hobby Lobby for being my home-away-from-home for the past few weeks. 😂

January 23, 2017

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