What Brady Ate: Dinner Edition

In my last post on toddler lunches, I promised to share the one thing that instantly stopped Brady from throwing food on the floor. And it was…a booster seat! We moved him from his high chair to a booster seat at the kitchen table, and I kid you not, his behavior changed immediately. Now that he’s […]

What Brady Ate: Lunch Edition

This is the second post in my “What Brady Ate” series. Don’t forget to check out breakfast if you haven’t already! Whereas breakfast tends to be mostly repeat foods, lunch and dinner are much more diverse. Which means new and unfamiliar foods, and ample opportunity for Brady to refuse them. Which he does, often. So this […]

What Brady Ate: Breakfast Edition

Friends and clients often ask what I feed to Brady, my 17 month old toddler. I usually want to say, “Nothing special, and probably exactly what you feed your kids!” Because it’s really not exceedingly healthy. I’d call it “mostly healthy with a generous helping of ‘sometimes foods.’” Even though it feels “normal” and “not special” […]

Amazin’ Asian Ramen Salad

I know people roll their eyes at the story behind a recipe, but I must share how I first came across this one. It’s only right to honor the original source of this delicious flavor combo.   Years ago, I was on a family bike trip in the San Juan islands. Pre-children, bike trips were a beautiful, […]

For the Record: A Dietitian’s Take

Did you read Jennifer Aniston’s blog post yesterday? For the Record is a powerful piece about body image, media scrutiny and the various pressures women face. I loved the whole article, but I was most moved by her words about body weight, body shaming and self-acceptance. Two excerpts:  The message that girls are not pretty unless they’re […]

Balsamic Reduction {and Caprese Ladybugs}

  I fell in love with balsamic reduction in a pizza parlor in Crested Butte, Colorado. If you’re ever there, you must eat at The Secret Stash. One of their pizzas has balsamic reduction sauce drizzled on top, and it’s the best pizza in the world (scientific fact). A few years ago, I tried to […]

Yeast-Free Whole Wheat Pretzels

I’ve always loved ballpark pretzels, but did you know they have ~500 calories?! Here’s a great “make your own” substitution. If Brady were old enough, I think he would’ve loved rolling out the dough and twisting them on the cookie sheet. They were fun and easy to make, and you can make any shape you like.   The best part? They’re […]

Star Spangled S’mores

I’ve been making tons of star-shaped foods lately, thanks to the Fourth of July and my star silicone molds. These molds can be frozen for fro yo stars or baked into cakes. Or you can melt chocolate into star molds for patriotic s’mores!  I came across star-shaped marshmallows at World Market and thought they’d make cute s’mores with a […]

Easy White Bean Hummus

I tried to make hummus two weeks ago but instead created this awesome Roasted Red Pepper Dip. I decided to accept it as it was, rather than tweaking, so I started fresh with a new hummus recipe. Success! This White Bean Hummus is fool-proof, uses just 4 ingredients and looks and tastes exactly like a traditional grocery […]

Mini Crab Cakes with Greek Yogurt Sauce

I grew up thinking that crab cakes were “tuna cakes.” As a young girl (and present-day girl), I was funny about the kinds of meat I ate. I had accepted tuna into my repertoire, but crab? No thank you. So, my mom called them tuna cakes and, lo and behold, I grew up loving them.  Here’s a […]