Homemade Fruity Frozen Yogurt

When I first heard of homemade frozen yogurt, visions of complicated ice cream-making danced in my head. It didn’t occur to me that you just need one ingredient for frozen yogurt: Yogurt, frozen.  I’m always looking for healthy desserts to satisfy my sweet tooth, and this fits the bill. It’s also a fun treat to give to […]

Angel Food Stars

Looking for a fun, patriot dessert? These Angel Food Stars are easy to make & decorate with different toppings, which makes them perfect for kids in the kitchen. Angel food is also a healthier alternative to other heavy desserts, since it has no saturated fat (actually no fat at all) and pairs beautifully with fresh berries.  I made these using this Angel […]

What to Eat Before Your Blood Glucose Test


Now that you can answer What Is Gestational Diabetes?, here are some tips on what to eat and what not to eat before your blood glucose test. What to Eat:  A balanced meal with whole grains, protein and healthy fats approximately 3 hours before your test 3 sample breakfasts & 3 sample lunches below, depending on the time […]

What Is Gestational Diabetes?


The gestational diabetes test is a rite-of-passage into third trimester pregnancy. Want to know why some women get gestational diabetes and others don’t, often regardless of your weight or eating habits? Want to really, truly understand insulin? Read this quick post before moving to What to Eat Before Your Blood Glucose Test. Glucose is another word for sugar […]

Healthy Star Wars Snacks

May the Fourth be with you. We’ll be munching on some Star Wars-inspired snacks today. It’s not that I love Star Wars that much, but I am a fan of having fun with food. (Honk if you r2d2!) So many of the Star Wars-themed foods are treats & desserts, so here’s a healthy take, using brown rice cakes, […]

Getting Enough Vitamin D during Pregnancy

Vitamin D is finally getting its day in the sun. {nutrition humor} Vitamin D deficiency in adults has been linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and more. But what about pregnant women and their babies? There’s critical research here. Consider… Sufficient vitamin D levels are linked to: mother’s fertility mother’s IVF success baby’s bone development as a fetus and […]

Yogurt, Starfruit & Chia Cups

I made these snack cups for me and Brady today, and they were a hit! The starfruit is a little tart, so we nibbled on them and then loaded up on grapes. The real star here is not the starfruit, though. It’s the chia seeds! Chia seeds are loaded with healthy omega-3 fats, which are SO important for growing baby brains. The […]