What to Eat Before Your Blood Glucose Test

Now that you can answer What Is Gestational Diabetes?, here are some tips on what to eat and what not to eat before your blood glucose test.

blood-glucose-test-gestational-diabetes-pregnancy What to Eat: 

  • A balanced meal with whole grains, protein and healthy fats approximately 3 hours before your test
  • 3 sample breakfasts & 3 sample lunches below, depending on the time of your test
  • Water, at any time leading up to your test

What Not to Eat: 

  • Any food within 2 hours of the test, including Life Savers, mints and sugared gum
  • An abnormally large meal with heavy carbohydrates anytime on the day of your test
  • Coffee within 2 hours of the test


What about diet soda? Zero-calorie beverages shouldn’t affect your test, but I suggest sticking with water for those 2 hours just to be safe.

Tricking the test: Fortunately, you can’t really ‘trick’ the glucose test. If your pregnant body has developed gestational diabetes, there’s not much you can do on test day to hide it. And that’s a good thing…seriously! Babies do not like living in a sugary environment, as I explained earlier. If your body is experiencing sugar build-up,  you want to know about it so you can treat it and avoid complications for yourself and your baby.

Do my results depend on what I eat? If you don’t have gestational diabetes, even a large meal 3 hours before the test shouldn’t skew your results. Your body is that good at handling your blood sugar. If you eat a big meal at Olive Garden an hour before your test, chances are your blood sugar will be high even if you don’t truly have gestational diabetes. The fasting guidelines are not suggestions. They can significantly affect your results! If you’ve eaten within 2 hours of your appointment, tell your doctor so you can reschedule the test.

I forgot and had a lifesaver/mint/gum before my test. Am I doomed? Probably not, unless you downed the whole bag of wintergreen mints (please tell me I’m not the only one who has done that 😁). Continue fasting as planned, and let your doctor know what you accidentally ate and when. One small item shouldn’t skew your results if you don’t have gestational diabetes.

6 sample meals are below. (Please excuse the poor photography! These are older pics.)

blood-glucose-test-gestational-diabetes-pregnancySpecific meal ingredients: 
Breakfast #1: Whole-wheat english muffin with peanut butter + 1 clementine + Greek yogurt parfait (with 1/2 kiwi & chia seeds) + glass of skim milk
Breakfast #2: Oatmeal (made with skim milk) with almonds, dried cranberries + cinnamon
Breakfast #3: Egg scramble with avocado & cheese + whole-wheat english muffin with cream cheese + kale salad (leftovers!)
Lunch #1: Turkey roll-up in whole-wheat wrap with hummus, light mayo, avocado & veggies + 1 kiwi
Lunch #2: Spinach salad with packet of tuna (optional), black beans, feta cheese & olive oil & balsamic dressing
Lunch #3: Egg salad sandwich on sprouted grain bread with spinach & avocado + grapes + pickle

May 11, 2016

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