How to Make a Cookie Monster Wreath

cookie monster wreath how-to
This wreath started as an afterthought – I wanted to use up leftover fabric from the Cookie Monster rug – and quickly turned into my favorite project! I love making wreaths, so I jumped at the chance to create something unique for Baby’s Cookie Monster-themed 1st birthday party.

I have to say, this wreath really boosted the curb appeal of our home.😉 And now it makes the perfect wall decor for our playroom. In my weaker (weirder?) moments, I’ve been tempted to make the entire Sesame Street wreath-family. I’m holding out for now.


  • Styrofoam or Extruded Foam wreath of your desired size
    • I used a 16″ Extruded Foam wreath
  • Blue faux fur fabric cut into 3″ strips
    • sells perfect cookie monster fur. I used leftover scraps from the rug, but 1/2 yd will be plenty
  • Floral pins
  • 2 Large white styrofoam balls
  • One sheet of Peel & Stick felt
  • Fabric for the cookies: something dough-colored and chip-colored
    • I used scraps from the rug, but 1/8 yd each is enough
  • Adhesive fabric spray
  • Needle & dark brown thread, or sewing machine
  • Small bag of batting/cotton filling
  • One sheet of black mesh


cookie monster wreath steps1. Wrap the fabric, one 3″ strip at a time, around the foam wreath and pin into place. Cover the entire wreath, pinning only to the backside.

2. To make the eyeballs, cut round pupils from your black felt. Peel off the back sticker and press firmly onto the white styrofoam balls. Pin these to the top of your wreath using the floral pins. You’ll have to place the pin at an angle, towards the base of the eyeball and into the top of the wreath. Use 2-3 pins per eyeball for stability. Don’t forget to give your Cookie Monster crazy eyes!

3. To make the cookies, cut your cookie & chip shapes out of the two fabrics. I decided to make a few ‘eaten’ cookies for variety. Apply the adhesive fabric spray to the backs of your chips and press them onto the dough fabric where you want them. I only added chips to one side of each cookie.

4. Using a needle and thread or a sewing machine, sew around the edges of each chocolate chip. *Do this step before sewing your cookie sides together! 

5. Place your cookies right sides facing and sew around the cookie, about 1/8″ from the edge. Leave a 1″ opening at the end. Turn your cookie inside out so the right sides are now facing out.

6. Stuff cookies with batting. Sew 1″ opening closed.

7. Position the cookies where you want them on the wreath. Using a needle and thread, sew a knot through the back of the cookie, then wrap your thread around the wreath. Repeat multiple times to secure the cookie in place. You could also use a hot glue gun to adhere the cookies to the faux fur.

8. (Optional) I thought Cookie Monster looked best with a black background for his mouth. I found a sheet of cheap black mesh backing at the store (like the kind that goes underneath a sofa, but much smaller). You could also do plain black fabric or another black felt sheet from step 2. Cut into a circle the size of your wreath and pin into place.

Ta-da! Time to hang your work of art.
FYI: I added a party hat to my guy for the 1st birthday celebration. For the hat, I cut & glued cardstock paper into a cone and added some ric rac for decoration. I also cut and glued the number 1 onto the hat and added pre-made curly ribbon at the top. You could save a step by using a pre-made party hat, though!

May 6, 2016

4 thoughts on “How to Make a Cookie Monster Wreath

  1. This is sooooo cute. U can use heat and bond from Joann’s iron it on the back of your chocolate chip fabric cut out chips remove paper and perminately iron onto your light brown cookie fabric no sewing required for chips

    • They were long enough to wrap around the cylinder of the wreath with a short overlap on the back. Mine were about 5″ long because my wreath was pretty thick. But if you have a skinnier wreath, they won’t need to be as long. Does that make sense?

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