Very Hungry Caterpillar Pizza

Very Hungry Caterpillar PizzaSince the newborn days, I’ve been trying to get Brady interested in books. We rent books at the library every week and read dozens of books at home every day. But that, I mean I sit on the floor and read while Brady empties the kitchen cabinets…unrolls the toilet paper in the bathroom…bangs against his baby gate. Oh, but wait! He’s coming back over to read with me! I am so hap…….RRRRIP. {Don’t tell our library we’re the ones taping all the pages} 

But finally, he’s showing genuine interest at 14 months! Llama Llama Red Pajama and Llama Llama Easter Egg are in high circulation right now. He points at them excitedly before and after naps and sits quietly in our laps while we read them. If we want to read other books, it’s usually a Llama sandwich…start with one llama book, read new book, end with other llama book. My brother and sister-in-law introduced us to the Llama Llama series, and they seem to have charmed Brady. 

Until I figure out how to make a food llama, I made this Very Hungry Caterpillar pizza. This book is one of mom’s favorites, mostly because it’s such a good nutrition lesson! The caterpillar isn’t quite full from eating fruit (he needed some protein, obvi) and gets a stomachache from junk food. He feels better after eating a vegetable. I think dietitians owe a big thank you to Eric Carle for telling such a cute story with nutritional merit! 


I’m still working on perfecting my whole wheat pizza crust, so I won’t share a recipe yet. You can try another crust recipe or even use store-bought pizza crust, but preferably whole-wheat.


He’s made up of: 

  • Body: Sliced green bell peppers, sliced avocado, shredded spinach
  • Legs: Mushrooms
  • Face: Slice of tomato with mushroom and green pepper eyes
  • Antenna: Sliced garlic
  • Toppings: Mushrooms, mozzarella and one big spinach leaf. I used a stiff straw to create little holes in them, consistent with the book. I also had olives (which would be nice because you don’t have to add holes), but I forgot to add them. 

My caterpillar looked considerably less cute after coming out of the oven, but we ate him up just the same. Brady got to eat pizza and veggies. Happy baby, happy mama! After our pizza lunch, we cuddled under a blanket and re-read the book. HA. Kidding. I read the book to the back of Brady’s head while he slammed his diaper pail against the wall. Good times. 😉

Very Hungry Caterpillar Pizza

Have you ever used different ingredients to create food ‘art?’ Leave a link below – I’d love to see what others have done! 

June 9, 2016

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