Pregnancy Update: Week 16

If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have missed our exciting announcement. We’re expecting baby #2 in February 2017! 

Bun in the oven pregnancy announcementI’m planning to share a pregnancy update every couple of weeks. Partly because I didn’t document much of my first pregnancy (aside from loads of bump selfies), and I’d like to have these memories. Partly because it’s the very essence of building your best little nest! No better topic to share on a blog called Best Little Nest. 😊

This is my first pregnancy update, so I’ll rewind a bit. First trimester. Can I just say that I’m not a fan?

Don’t get me wrong, I am deeply grateful to be pregnant, particularly when I have so many friends who are struggling to conceive (and I was part of that community with Brady). 

First trimester is rough, though. You feel horrible, you’re constantly scared of miscarriage, clothes don’t fit (but you’re far from maternity clothing), and you’re not ‘supposed’ to tell anyone. Oh, and please wait an entire month before a doctor will confirm there’s actually something in there and the tests aren’t playing tricks on you! In other words, don’t get too excited. And don’t share with anyone.  The mental struggle and secrecy are always the hardest parts for me, so I’m happy saying goodbye to first trimester. 

Also happy to leave the exhaustion and nausea behind. I had a pillow and blanket on the floor of each room so I could lie down and half-close my eyes while watching Brady. The nausea almost always resolved by eating something, so I subsisted on popsicles and fudgsicles throughout the day. And, um, a lot of them. I actually asked my husband stop commenting on the number of empty popsicle boxes in the recycling bin. 😝

Now I’m 16 weeks and feeling good! Still tired but beginning to believe that’s baseline pregnancy status with a toddler. Brady loves to be carried and runs up to me demanding “up up up!” about 100 times a day. Of course I love it and don’t want him to stop wanting to be held by his mama, but it can be tiring to bend, lift and contort with 25-pounds of toddler squirm. 

Rapid-fire questions. I’ll be answering the same ones every update. 

Baby is the size of: an avocado. And apparently shaped like one too!  

Food cravings: cream cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream

Best moment of the week: Listening to baby’s heartbeat on my at-home doppler. I bought a Sonoline B Fetal Doppler from for $35, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been listening to the heartbeat since week 12, and it always provides peace of mind. I could listen to that sound 24 hours a day. 

16 weeks pregnantWhat I miss: Wine. I didn’t miss alcohol during my first pregnancy. Actually, I lost my taste for it completely from pregnancy until 6 months post-partum. Now, nothing sounds better than a cold glass of white wine after a hot and tiring day.  

What I’m looking forward to: Filling out the bump! I’m currently at ‘lump’ status right now. I moved into my maternity jeans this week, but they feel big and awkward and less exciting than I remember. 

Anything else?: In true pregnancy fashion, I spent last weekend sanding, spraying and painting adirondack chairs. The home reno cravings have begun. 


Here for the bun in the oven pregnancy announcement? I couldn’t find a graphic for it, so I drew one myself. I scanned and uploaded the drawing, so click the link below to download it for free. 

Oven greeting card outline Oven card or event invitation

Print and cut out the drawing, then place it on top of another piece of paper. Cut on the dotted lines to open the oven door and add your own message on the paper underneath. It makes a good pregnancy announcement, greeting card or birthday/event invitation. 

September 6, 2016

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