Pregnancy Update: Week 37

Where did the time go? In my last pregnancy update, I was just entering third trimester and getting ready for Thanksgiving. Now we’re counting the hours until baby boy arrives! He’s in a frank breech position, so unless he turns in the next 10 days, a c-section is scheduled for exactly 39 weeks.

Brady helping me practice inversions

With my first pregnancy, I honestly never thought about the possibility of a breech baby! This time, I’ve been consumed with trying to turn him head-down. I’ve been doing inversion exercises (lots of tilting up or down off the couch/stairs/pillows), lunges, knees-to-chest stretches, swimming laps, diving to the bottom of the pool, ice pack on his head & heating pad on his bottom, shining a flashlight, crawling on all-fours after my toddler, visual imagery, gently pushing on his head, and multiple visits with a chiropractor using the Webster Technique. Pretty much every suggestion from my doctor and Doctor Google!

The only things I haven’t tried are moxibustion (the acupuncture treatment) and an external cephalic version (ECV). However, we will likely be attempting an ECV right before the surgery. He’ll be a big bubba at 39 weeks so the success rate is only about 20%, if that. But we’re also essentially eliminating the other risks of an ECV, like premature labor and placental rupture (I’ll be in the OR with my obstetrician and won’t be going home again, no matter whether he turns or not). 

I spoke with an obstetrician who delivers frank breech babies, but this wasn’t the right choice for us. We know this baby’s head is already measuring about three weeks ahead of schedule (we love our big-headed babes over here – Brady is a real-live bobble head!), and I’m not comfortable taking a chance that he’ll get stuck in the birth canal without oxygen for several minutes. The doctor said “babies are easy to resuscitate!” Nope. No way. That sounds more traumatic for everyone involved than all other options combined. 

So he still has 10 days to turn. And I swear, he’s thinking about it at 4am every night! I lie in bed and feel the craziest, biggest movements, but I still wake up with his melon head under my ribs. We’re also getting comfortable with the idea of a c-section, thanks to so many encouraging words and experiences from friends. However he decides to make an appearance will be right for him and for us. I really just can’t wait to meet him and get him here safely. 

Rapid-fire questions: 

Baby is the size of: “a winter melon” or a bundle of swiss chard. Let’s be more obscure, guys! 

Food cravings: chocolate. All de chocolate. 

Best moment of the week: Watching Brady be such a good big brother to his baby doll! He has become enamored by the doll, rocking him in the Rock ‘n Play, kissing him on the forehead and putting pacifiers to his plastic lips. He wants nothing to do with the baby if his needs aren’t being met (a true toddler!). But when he’s fed and rested, he’s quite interested. 

What I miss: I’m already missing not being pregnant anymore. Crazy, I know! These last weeks of pregnant are tough, so I won’t miss some of the physical awkwardness, discomfort and the fact that only 3 maternity shirts still fit me.😳 I’ve also been more emotional, feeling worried for this baby and delivery. So basically aside from being physically and emotionally uncomfortable, I’m already feeling sad that this journey is almost over. I really, truly love pregnancy and know that I will miss this feeling the rest of my life. 

What I’m looking forward to: A glass of cold white wine. It took about 6 months for me to enjoy the taste of wine again after Brady, so I may still have awhile to wait for this one. 

Anything else?: I just finished a fun and functional book on healthy eating during pregnancy! It’s called Bun Appétit: A Simple Guide to Eating Right During Pregnancy, and you can order a hard copy or download the Kindle version on Amazon now. Take a look inside the book to see the Table of Contents – I cover which nutrients and foods to eat during which trimesters, weight gain guidelines, tips for appetite control, and multiple recipes and meal plans for 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters. I hope it’s helpful for any lovely pregnant mamas out there! 

January 30, 2017

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  1. So proud of you Torey, your book sounds like a great resource! I love your attitude and how much you’ve engrossed yourself in holistic ways to help baby boy inside you. Thinking of you and sending warm wishes for a safe 10days! Xoxo

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