Sewing a Changing Pad Cover

how to sew a changing pad coverThis changing pad cover is a quick project. My favorite kind! The best part is being able to choose your own fabric. There are so many adorable fabrics out there, yet I’m usually underwhelmed by the baby linens sold in stores. And hey, as long as you’re going to be changing hundreds of diapers here, why not love the view? 

If you have access to a sewing machine, you can make your own changing pad cover in an hour or less. Have fun choosing your fabric – there are so many cute options to match the nursery or celebrate a holiday, sports team or favorite cartoon character.

My steps are written out below. This is a great beginner project for sewing newbies. If you have any questions about the process, leave them in the comments section. I’ll be happy to help! 

Sew a Changing Pad Cover
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Total Time
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr
  1. 1.5 yards of fabric
  2. 1 spool of thread
  3. 36 inches of 3/8" knit elastic (don't stretch when measuring)
  4. iron
  5. fabric scissors
  6. tape measure
  7. sewing machine
  8. large safety pin
Prepare your fabric
  1. Wash and iron your fabric. {Washing ensures that it won't shrink when it's washed later on}
  2. Cut your fabric to a 48"x 32" rectangle.
  3. Fold fabric in half width-wise, then again length-wise. There should be one corner with no folds (see pic below).
  4. Measure an 8" square from the corner with no folds. Cut out square. By folding your fabric twice, you only need to cut this square once, through all four layers of fabric.
Sew corner seams
  1. Match up two adjoining 8" edges, RIGHT (print) SIDES FACING EACH OTHER, and sew along the edge with a straight stitch.
  2. Next, use a zig-zag stitch at the edge to keep the fabric edges from fraying (see pic below).
  3. Repeat on all four corners.
Sew elastic pocket
  1. Fold frayed edges over 1/4-1/2" and iron in place (see pic below). This simply tucks that frayed edge out of view.
  2. Fold edge over again, this time 1/2-3/4". Iron in place (see pic below). This creates the pocket for the elastic.
  3. Sew all around the cover, near the inside of your pocket, leaving a 1-2" gap at the end to insert the elastic (see pic below).
  4. Attach the 36" piece of elastic to a large safety pin and feed it into the gap and around the pocket perimeter (see pic below). Try to keep the elastic flat as you feed it through. Take care that you don't pull the other end of the elastic into the pocket! You can use another safety pin to tether the outside end to the cover.
  5. Once you've threaded the safety pin through the pocket, remove pin. Sew the elastic ends together as shown in pic below. {No points for perfection; this will be hidden inside the pocket}
  6. Sew the gap closed.
  1. You can either iron the edges or use pins to keep fabric in place. I use an iron, since I don't want to take the chance of a dropped pin with baby and dog feet walking around.
  2. This cover fits most changing pad sizes, thanks to the elastic. It fits perfectly on our changing pad, which measures 30"x16"x4".
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sew a changing pad cover

June 1, 2016

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