Nursing Box: Activities to Occupy Your Toddler

A few months ago, I was thinking about how to occupy my not-quite-2 year old during newborn nursing sessions. Eventually I hope to walk around the house feeding the baby one-handed #likeaboss , but I know that doesn’t happen right away. Enter the Nursing Box: a box of never-before-seen toys to keep your toddler entertained while you’re feeding the […]

Baseball Apple Snack

Who’s on first? Who knows! But I do know that these snacks are the perfect addition to your home plate for tonight’s World Series opener. They’re easy, quick and healthy — my three favorite words in the kitchen, if you haven’t gathered already.  First base: Easy. You probably have most of these ingredients at home already, just like yesterday’s […]

What Brady Ate: Dinner Edition

In my last post on toddler lunches, I promised to share the one thing that instantly stopped Brady from throwing food on the floor. And it was…a booster seat! We moved him from his high chair to a booster seat at the kitchen table, and I kid you not, his behavior changed immediately. Now that he’s […]

What Brady Ate: Lunch Edition

This is the second post in my “What Brady Ate” series. Don’t forget to check out breakfast if you haven’t already! Whereas breakfast tends to be mostly repeat foods, lunch and dinner are much more diverse. Which means new and unfamiliar foods, and ample opportunity for Brady to refuse them. Which he does, often. So this […]

What Brady Ate: Breakfast Edition

Friends and clients often ask what I feed to Brady, my 17 month old toddler. I usually want to say, “Nothing special, and probably exactly what you feed your kids!” Because it’s really not exceedingly healthy. I’d call it “mostly healthy with a generous helping of ‘sometimes foods.’” Even though it feels “normal” and “not special” […]

Giving Kids an EduKitchen

In honor of Kids Eat Right month this August, I’m sharing a few things that I’ve learned about kids eating right, kids eating “wrong,” and how to persevere through the tricky toddler years.  As a dietitian, I’ve always believed kids need a good “edukitchen.”  As a mom, I know that it’s always harder than it sounds, and […]