Nursing Box: Activities to Occupy Your Toddler

A few months ago, I was thinking about how to occupy my not-quite-2 year old during newborn nursing sessions. Eventually I hope to walk around the house feeding the baby one-handed #likeaboss , but I know that doesn’t happen right away. Enter the Nursing Box: a box of never-before-seen toys to keep your toddler entertained while you’re feeding the […]

How to Make Your Own Placemats

File this craft under ‘As easy as it gets.’ You don’t need to draw, have nice handwriting or be crafty at all to create cute and personalized placemats. It’s a good project for a rainy day, special occasions or when you want to make something fast and functional.  Now that Brady’s sitting at the dinner table, he gets a placemat. And because […]

How to Renovate Adirondack Chairs

It all started out with a Craigslist pickup gone wrong. Dun dun dun!  For months, I had been scouring Craigslist for two white rocking chairs for our front porch. I finally found two, selling for $75, so I arranged to pick them up from the seller. When I arrived (after an hour’s drive, mind you), he told […]

How to Make Your Own Infant Seat Cover

There’s a saying in my family that you can hear the knitting needles clicking once a baby announcement is made. When it’s my baby, you can hear the power sander and spray paint of furniture reno, but I digress. These days I’m more into sewing than knitting, so I turn to my trusty sewing machine to make crib sheets, changing pad […]

How to Sew Your Own Crib Sheets

Sewing your own crib sheets is a fun way to personalize a nursery, and they make cute gifts, too! You can make holiday sheets, or Paw Patrol sheets, or sports team sheets, and it’s cheaper to MYO than buy special bedding. If you have a sewing machine, it’s fairly easy to sew your own sheets. I promise! In fact, it’s exactly […]

Balsamic Reduction {and Caprese Ladybugs}

  I fell in love with balsamic reduction in a pizza parlor in Crested Butte, Colorado. If you’re ever there, you must eat at The Secret Stash. One of their pizzas has balsamic reduction sauce drizzled on top, and it’s the best pizza in the world (scientific fact). A few years ago, I tried to […]

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Want to save some money and make your kitchen smell amaazing? Make your own sun-dried tomatoes! In the oven, that is. It seriously could not be any easier. And it’s significantly cheaper than buying them at the store. My grocery sells a small jar of sun-dried tomatoes for $4.99. I bought 6 tomatoes to make a big […]

Sewing a Changing Pad Cover

This changing pad cover is a quick project. My favorite kind! The best part is being able to choose your own fabric. There are so many adorable fabrics out there, yet I’m usually underwhelmed by the baby linens sold in stores. And hey, as long as you’re going to be changing hundreds of diapers here, why not love the view?  If you have […]

Strawberry Reduction Sauce

I was all about the angel food this week {and whipped cream!}. We’re swimming in strawberries, thanks to some good sales, so I wanted to make strawberry sauce to complement the angel food.  The recipes I found online were loaded with sugar, which is a shame because strawberries are already perfectly sweet! So I added more berries and cut […]