Pregnancy Update: Week 27

It’s hard to believe my last pregnancy update was nearly 7 weeks ago! Just a few more days until the third trimester. I haven’t taken a single belly pic since the last update, so this update was a good excuse to snap a bathroom selfie. Why do these pictures never turn out well? It looks like […]

Chipotle Spinach Chips

All the best things are made into chips. Chocolate, tortillas, Erik Estrada. 😎 You’ve probably made kale chips…but why should kale have all the fun? Spinach is the O.G. (original green), y’all! These spinach chips are delicious with an olive oil + chipotle seasoning, and they get super crispy. They’re a wonderful addition to any dinner, but […]

Baseball Apple Snack

Who’s on first? Who knows! But I do know that these snacks are the perfect addition to your home plate for tonight’s World Series opener. They’re easy, quick and healthy — my three favorite words in the kitchen, if you haven’t gathered already.  First base: Easy. You probably have most of these ingredients at home already, just like yesterday’s […]

Easiest Ever Butternut Squash Soup

It’s cocky naming your recipe “easiest ever,” I know. But it does not get any easier than this butternut squash soup. Unless of course you buy pre-made soup, and then you’ve cracked the code. But as far as making your own, it’s just 3 ingredients, plus optional garnishes for appearances. Most recipes I saw called for carrots, celery, […]

Pregnancy Update: Week 20

Time for a pregnancy check-in. It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since my last update! While I wouldn’t go so far as to say this pregnancy is flying by, the rumors are true that it does feel faster the second time around. Living la toddler vida loca means I don’t usually focus on baby #2 until after […]

How to Make Your Own Placemats

File this craft under ‘As easy as it gets.’ You don’t need to draw, have nice handwriting or be crafty at all to create cute and personalized placemats. It’s a good project for a rainy day, special occasions or when you want to make something fast and functional.  Now that Brady’s sitting at the dinner table, he gets a placemat. And because […]

Farro Black Bean Burgers

Last week’s theme was ‘Eat alllll the farro.’ If you haven’t made it before, there are three things you need to know:  It’s good. And versatile. It’s good for you. There is no such thing as a little bit of farro. Because it nearly triples its volume when cooked, I was drowning in farro after making […]

Farro Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad

In Wyoming last week, I ordered the most delicious farro salad from Snake River Brewery. If you’re tired of pasta or rice, give farro a try. It has a mild and nutty flavor, a consistency like brown rice or barley, and A+ nutritional content. In fact, it’s similar to quinoa: high in protein and fiber and a […]

Peaches & Cream Preggo Pops

I just got home from a family vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where fall was in full swing. It felt so lovely to be outside in the cool air, wear flannels, drink hot chocolate and watch the leaves turn yellow. Back in Ohio, it’s 85 degrees.☀️ As a Midwesterner, you hate to wish away any warm weather. But […]