Just the Foot

Just the foot. This was our mantra during my pregnancy after we found out that baby #2 had a left clubfoot. After the ultrasound, we opted for genetic testing to rule out other issues that can be related to clubfoot. I was told that clubfoot is a common birth defect, however, and usually an isolated […]

Nursing Box: Activities to Occupy Your Toddler

A few months ago, I was thinking about how to occupy my not-quite-2 year old during newborn nursing sessions. Eventually I hope to walk around the house feeding the baby one-handed #likeaboss , but I know that doesn’t happen right away. Enter the Nursing Box: a box of never-before-seen toys to keep your toddler entertained while you’re feeding the […]

Pregnancy Update: Week 37

Where did the time go? In my last pregnancy update, I was just entering third trimester and getting ready for Thanksgiving. Now we’re counting the hours until baby boy arrives! He’s in a frank breech position, so unless he turns in the next 10 days, a c-section is scheduled for exactly 39 weeks. With my first pregnancy, I […]

Baby Armul Nursery Tour

  We’re just 2-3 weeks away from meeting Baby A2, so there’s no better time to share pictures of his little abode! I went with a feathers & woodland theme. Feathers because I want to give this boy wings! I came across a lovely quote, which you’ll see below, which inspired the feathers/flying theme. Then I found a […]

Pregnancy Update: Week 27

It’s hard to believe my last pregnancy update was nearly 7 weeks ago! Just a few more days until the third trimester. I haven’t taken a single belly pic since the last update, so this update was a good excuse to snap a bathroom selfie. Why do these pictures never turn out well? It looks like […]

Chipotle Spinach Chips

All the best things are made into chips. Chocolate, tortillas, Erik Estrada. 😎 You’ve probably made kale chips…but why should kale have all the fun? Spinach is the O.G. (original green), y’all! These spinach chips are delicious with an olive oil + chipotle seasoning, and they get super crispy. They’re a wonderful addition to any dinner, but […]

Baseball Apple Snack

Who’s on first? Who knows! But I do know that these snacks are the perfect addition to your home plate for tonight’s World Series opener. They’re easy, quick and healthy — my three favorite words in the kitchen, if you haven’t gathered already.  First base: Easy. You probably have most of these ingredients at home already, just like yesterday’s […]

Easiest Ever Butternut Squash Soup

It’s cocky naming your recipe “easiest ever,” I know. But it does not get any easier than this butternut squash soup. Unless of course you buy pre-made soup, and then you’ve cracked the code. But as far as making your own, it’s just 3 ingredients, plus optional garnishes for appearances. Most recipes I saw called for carrots, celery, […]